Power Bytes Archive 2008

Alex's Power Bytes are now available on her blog at http://confidencecoachalex.blogspot.com. The links below will open in a new window.

December - 08
What Changes Should you Make Next Year?

Before moving into the future, make sure you complete the past. Learn about forgiveness. Discover what’s really important to you. “You can’t adjust the wind – but you can adjust your sails.”

November - 08
How Important is Gratitude?

Recognize that what you have, what you were given, or what you have experienced has value. Increase your gratitude attitude.
Gratitude Video

October - 08
Increase Your Personal Power

Eight tips for remaining strong and positive in challenging times.

September (b) - 08
Regarding Mistakes

What to do when you realize you have made a mistake – and a look at how you react when others make mistakes.

September (a) - 08
Introducing the Power Bytes

The Development of Personal Power
Remember to say “yes” to you.
Has Anyone Ever Told You? Video which is therapy for the soul.

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